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the rinomata castiglioncello

the rinomata castiglioncello

City Etruscan origin, Campiglia Marittima draws much of its Fame by significant findings of archaeological excavations , in particular Those relating to a large necropolis . Linked to Via Aurelia , the city stands as an outpost and Pisan Became an important city on trade. But over the centuries After the country saw a period of decline due to the construction of Another shopping street that passed inland.
Rich in history, was immediately tourist destination already in old Roman, Which the beautiful villas , which are found along its coast.
In medieval Conti Pisan Del Porto built a castle, Castiglione Modiglio , which derives renaming modern Castiglioncello. Through the centuries, the Medici erect a tower made of Warning that it is still open.
The importance of Castiglioncello increased towards the middle when a dell'800 Well-known critic you did erect his residence today called Castle Pasquini , and hosted many of the most famous painters of the movement called " Macchiaioli. Factors, Sernes and others gave their lives in that environment The famous "School of Castiglioncello. Not Castle hosts Pasquini Many of the most important events in the area, also is the seat of Festival Dance and Literary Award Castiglioncello Coast of the Etruscans .
We recall also that the village was also famous by artists like Gassman, Mastroianni, Deaf and others who stayed there also was movie set Even the famous film "overtaking" with Vittorio Gassman.
The beach Castiglioncello is one of the most famous coast Tirrenica known throughout Italy and abroad for the natural beauty and For the quality of services it offers. Far from major roads Castiglioncello communication remained unknown and untouched until Modern times.

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