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the story of maritime rosignano

the story of maritime rosignano

The town Rosignano, which includes Many fractions, in addition to the famous industries placed near Solvay , is flourishing of small companies. Another important aspect of this area is the tourism . The town of Rosignano includes many of the countries most popular tourist in Italy. From the sea The hill these countries offer different tourist facilities, such as hotels, Residences, farms, camping, and more for comfort in these areas.
The areas under the town of Rosignano offer entertainment, which Watersports in the area and Vada Quercianella, visiting museums Castiglioncello and many others.
The structure of the country Rosignano Was built recently, while the village within the coast, Rosignano Maritime , has a much older history.
It is thought that the name Rosignano is due to the family "genes Rasinia" Owned these lands. Although the country has been assigned the epithet of "Maritime", is located inland to a height of 123 m. He became Rosignano Maritime when in 1862 there was the need to distinguish this country Rosignano Monferrato located in the province of Alexandria.
The first written documents that speak to us of Rosignano Maritime date back to 762 D.C. From domination Lombard change to Marchesato Tuscan ; Following centuries saw the first under the city of Pisa then, in 1400, Florence under . During this period there was the famous rebellion in which passed For a short time under Milan . After centuries of disputes that country Decided his assignment to the town of Livorno .
The medieval castle typically was the protagonist of many sieges and Disputes, because of its strategic position both in the commercial Military. Vide new fortifications during the second half of 1500, under the Doctors domination. Today you can see the two towers limestone From the period Medici, located west and the other in the east. The latter, which had the function of the castle prison, still presents characters typical of the XVIII Century. The west tower is used as a terrace of the Farm Archbishopric. Most of the structures are the property of the castle Communal: some of these are the Palazzo dei Bombardieri , Podesta , Church of SS. Ilario Giovanni Battista and Farm Arcivescovile , which will soon be renovated to accommodate the new Municipal headquarters.
Hall Bombardieri houses in its salt, Museum Archaeological devoted to testimonials Etruscan-Roman in This territory.

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