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the story of quercianella

the story of quercianella

Of Etruscan origin , built on the sea , is a Town to few kilometres from Livorno . Towards the end of 1800 some Franciscan friars there Built the Convent ; always the same period is the church of St. Anna built by the monks of Montenero.
The village is dominated by Castle Romito , which in ancient times was Part of the tower warning Medici. Today, the castle is restored Owned by the family of Sidney Sonnino, foreign minister, buried in the cave "Romito." The name of the place, Romito, is that the monks of Montenero Were in retreat in these caves, which were their romitori. A suggestive way leading to the castle, while a staircase Carved in the rock leading up to romantic coves .
The town Quercianella is immersed in a nature still luxuriant Quiet .
His coast is a destination for tourists seeking relax and Mild climate .
Moreover seaside resorts offer entertainment and watersports of various kinds.

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