history in castiglioncello

La storia di Quercianella
The story of Quercianella

Of Etruscan origin , built on the sea , is a Town to few kilometres from Livorno . Towards the end of 1800 some Franciscan friars there Built th

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La storia di Castiglioncello
The story of Castiglioncello

Rich in history, it was already a popular destination during Roman Holiday, which the beautiful villas that are located along the coast. In the Middl

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Rosignano Solvay e la sua storia
Rosignano Solvay and its history

Resort Rosignano includes many fractions, among which there is also Rosignano Maritime. In addition to the famous industries located in the area of So

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La storia di Rosignano Marittimo
The story of Maritime Rosignano

The town Rosignano, which includes Many fractions, in addition to the famous industries placed near Solvay , is flourishing of small companies.

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Vada e la sua storia
Vada and its history

City of the sea, is known Since antiquity to be a natural harbour and testimony of Therefore, the ancient name "Vadum" (berthing, ford). Describe

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La storia di Cecina
The story of Cecina

The settlements in the area date back to Cecina 'age Iron : there are many archaeological remains that we witness a Significant activity in this

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